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What is a Boutique Law Firm?

A boutique law firm is a smaller legal practice that focuses on a few related areas of law, offering more personalized services that may not be as readily available in larger, full-service law firms. 

Boutique firms are generally smaller in size, with a handful of lawyers and support staff.  This smaller size fosters a more intimate, collegial working environment and can lead to more direct and personalized client interactions, with several from the team being familiar with your case at any given time.   

The attorneys and staff at a boutique firm like ours are more likely to be personally involved in each case, providing tailored advice and dedicated service, with an emphasis on building strong, long-term relationships with our clients.  

Boutique firms are more flexible and responsive than many larger firms because they can adapt quickly and do not have the same bureaucratic constraints.

Boutique law firms often have lower overhead costs compared to large law firms. This can translate into more competitive and flexible billing rates for clients and fees that can be adapted to the unique aspects of each case.

If you think the “boutique feel” is right for you - give us a call today! 


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